Welcome to Startup Conception!


Our goal is to help startups and small businesses with business strategy and execution. Smaller businesses are typically awesome when it comes to their individual product. However, the support functions like finance, accounting, human resources, and other detailed business strategy can be more difficult.


And that is understandable. You may lack experience in such subjects or just need a helping hand. And that’s what I want to offer. I want you to spend your time on what you do best!


As such, I offer six core services. Click each for more details…

Financial Models & Budgeting

Investor Decks

Startup Strategy

Interim CFO & COO

International Business

IT Outsourcing


If you suspect you might need some help but want to discuss more details, feel free to get into contact with me (Dan). I can help tailor a service for your business more specifically. And the initial consultation is free of charge.

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