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startup fundingInvestment Opportunities for Corporate Businesses

Corporations typically have plenty of money to be making strong investments. But how can they better assess and measure investment in new projects, products/services, and acquisitions?

Corporations are always launching new projects. Examples include expanding their business, implementing new technology, cleaning up their processes, and doing due diligence on acquisition targets.

The issue we commonly see is how they evaluate these investments. Is there a strong business case? Have all factors (beyond just financial) been considered? Do they have full stakeholder buy-in? Are there measurements in place to assess successes and failures? We see many investment decisions being made from the top-down without a proper bottom-up analysis to guide that decision.

How can we help you do better?

  • Building a strong business case that weighs many different scenarios
  • Putting a strong project plan in place (an independent view on budget, resourcing, milestones, timeline)
  • Measuring project benefits during and after (not just before it starts)
  • Evaluating acquisition targets beyond just valuation

Investment Opportunities for Startups

Investment is the life-blood of a typical startup. So they have to be strategic about how they sell investors, evaluate deal terms, and formulate post-investment strategy. Many startups look for cash before having a solid plan. This leads to potentially fatal mistakes.

Startups can do a better job than we commonly see. Whether they’re seeking equity investment, debt, or even an ICO… they should solicit help from seasoned professionals. You can maximize the chances of securing investment and increase your chances of performing on your vision with some solid up-front work.

How can we help you achieve your investment goals? Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Story-boarding investor decks and creating something that is visually compelling and persuasive
  • Helping you build out each section: the market, the problem you’re trying to solve, your product/service, the financial implications, investment detail, and more
  • Working on your financial assumptions, statements, and the story for how an investor earns a great return
  • “Putting myself in the investor’s shoes”. This includes a critical look at your business strategy, formulating questions we’d expect them to ask, and some of the negotiation techniques they’ll likely use.
  • Working on your post-funding plan to ensure you maximize that investment

investor decks

Our experience spans investment proposals for large corporations, service companies, real estate companies, and tech startups. During that experience, it’s easy to learn exactly what works and what doesn’t.


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