We offer finance services for both corporations and startups that take the best principles from each world…

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Finance Opportunities for Corporate Businesses

Corporate businesses are typically very well organized in their financial departments. They have strong capability, great systems, and experienced people.

Yet for all the structure, we frequently see corporations losing creativity and agility. It’s ironic really. A big, credible company has a lot of financial power. They can experiment, fund research & development, and launch exciting products. And they can even afford to fail some of the time (because their successes will be that much greater).

But this doesn’t always happen. Big companies become overly regimented due to market and regulatory reporting requirements, risk management standards, and conservative financing decisions. As such, they end up constraining great opportunities.

We want to help corporations do some great work in the financial sphere! Some of the services we offer:

  • Evaluating projects and writing a highly attractive business case (emulating what startups do in pitches or ICOs)
  • Innovative budgeting techniques
  • How to assess R&D
  • Purchasing startups or starting your own (as a corporate subsidiary)
  • Creatively evaluating performance through unique KPIs

Finance Opportunities for Startups

Startups are typically founded by technical or industry experts and rarely by finance specialists. Startups will often have strong product viability but need the financial expertise to help them realize their potential.

The good news is that it’s not difficult to find the right financial help. It’s extremely important and we’re here to help with whatever your financial needs are. Among the things startups commonly need (and we support):

  • An accounting model so you can easily track revenues and costs
  • Financial statements (P&L, balance sheet, cash flow)
  • Better budgeting and forecasting so you can plan months and years in advance
  • Return on investment (ROI) models so management can make better decisions around investments, cash outlays, hiring, and more
  • Investor financials so you are giving investors the details they seek
  • Performance metrics and reporting, where you can measure success indicators and find improvement opportunities
  • Answer any other questions you have when it comes to finance, accounting, investment, bank financing, credit, and more

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For any company, the most important success factor is making money. So it stands to reason that being supported by financial sophistication is a wise choice. Corporations can emulate the best aspects of startup financing principles, while startups can certainly learn a lot from corporate sophistication. We bring you both perspectives and best practices!


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