Startups and other small businesses have a huge advantage that hasn’t always existed. From Day 1, they can be a multinational company. They can hire workers, solicit advice, raise money, set up distribution networks, and sell their products to any country in the world. This is why so many companies go from startup to billion dollar business in such short time periods. And this is why so many investors are flocking to the startup scene. International business gives startups an opportunity greater than ever before.


international business

Not all of these international opportunities are appropriate for all businesses. Some need to have on-site teams and shouldn’t hire global talent. Some should focus on local sales markets to test their product and build cash flow before expanding. But chances are, your business can derive some advantage from the international market. And I’d love to show you how.


How would I assess your business? Some of the questions I might ask…

  • Can you benefit from remote international talent (that is likely cheaper or in more abundance)?
  • Are there opportunities to forge partnerships with other overseas businesses?
  • Can you replicate success from overseas companies with a similar product?
  • Should you physically re-locate to other countries while you’re in a bootstrap phase?
  • Are there advantages to setting up remote offices?
  • Can you obtain a tax advantage from an overseas presence?
  • What would distribution look like in international markets?
  • Should you consider selling to international markets?


There are so many more possible benefits. So let’s take a look at such questions. I can help with the financials, strategy, operational, and human resource implications of all of the above. And I can help refer you to the right tax, accounting, and legal representatives should you wish to proceed even further.


Get into contact today for a free consultation (use the form below). I’d love to learn more about your business and ask some of these questions. And I’m pretty confident that by thinking bigger, you can take a leap forward in your company.

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