I want to help your business achieve great things. And developing a viable strategy is the most critical way to get there. I want your small business or startup strategy to be exceptional!

Strategy is a generic term. Why am I qualified to help owners and managers develop a winning strategy? Consider some of the things I offer:


1 – Financial sophistication.

startup strategy

Smart businesses make all their decisions in financial terms with many different scenarios fully modeled out. And then they track performance, budget, and forecasts with regularity. Finance doesn’t have to be a support function. It can lead everything you do and put you above competitors that de-emphasize it.

I can give you the financial sophistication that Fortune 500 companies use.


2 – Geo-arbitrage.

Many small businesses hire locally because it’s easiest. The problem is you’re constraining the talent available to you and typically paying many times more than you should. A sophisticated business hires equally qualified talent from around the world, pays them much less, and then sells their product in higher income markets. You can hire 3-4 times the quantity of people for the same cost as 1 by using geo-arbitrage techniques.

I can show you how to get incredible margins via geo-arbitrage and find you the right people based on your needs.


3 – Global markets.

A lot of small businesses are afraid of selling in international markets. Some lack knowledge of international markets and others are put off by language, culture, and regulatory differences. But if you hire the right people to help, you can multiply your customer base many times over.

I can help you identify new international markets and get started in doing business there.


4 – Technology efficiencies.

Smaller businesses are often lacking in using the best technology. Whether it’s using data analytics, good finance/accounting systems, marketing software, or other tech solutions… most small businesses can do wonders with an improved technology strategy. Even tech startups themselves might use state-of-the-art technology but lack the right processes to accompany them.

I can ensure that you use the best technology and maximize how you incorporate it into your business strategy.


5 – Contingency strategy.

A lot of small businesses and startups put all their eggs into a single strategy. And if that strategy fails or under-performs, they have a hard time pivoting to something new. I can help you with many backup options in advance. Very rarely does a small business go EXACTLY as planned. You need to prepare for every possible scenario and have an immediate solution in place. This is what larger companies do really well.

I can help you prepare contingency strategy options that perform equally to the originally intended strategy.


6 – Growth strategy.

A lot of small businesses and startups do really well with their product. But many fail to plan for the very growth they are forecasting to achieve. You need many elements to your growth strategy.

What happens if you need to double or triple your staff size in a month? What support functions does a larger organization need (that a small startup doesn’t)? What about simple things like office space, internal infrastructure, etc? How do you handle things like bank financing and how do you know when you need a much larger round of financing? A lot of businesses operate well in initial stages but fail to scale up when they achieve success.

I can help you prepare for growth in advance and then thrive when your business achieves great success and needs to grow.



These are just a few ways I can help your business with an improved strategy. These are some of the things that many small businesses and startups struggle with. But I can help you with a custom strategy for your product, your company vision, your market, and your specific needs.


Why am I qualified for this? I have spent my career advising Fortune 500 CXO level people on things like strategy, operations, technology, and finance. I have worked in markets around the world and understand what it takes to be successful in each. And I have a wide range of skills/experience across different industries, products, and business types.


Get into contact using the form below. I’d love to have an initial consultation (free) with you and figure out how I can help your business achieve great strategic results!

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